Better service, ideal outcomes

My name is Gary Richards. I launched Jag Creative 18 years ago because I wanted to offer clients something they weren’t getting in other agencies – a high level of client care, graphic design, branding and communications that create tangible results.

With 30 years in the design and marketing industry and a hand-picked team of experts, I’m well positioned to do that.

I am still just as passionate about the use of good quality design to connect businesses to their customers now as I was back then.

Having a great team is vitally important to the outcome of every project. The Jag team are a bunch of true professionals each in their own right, to ensure that we deliver the best quality with the ultimate return on investment.

Serving you better

We love design and marketing, but our business really revolves around the outstanding service and experience we deliver to clients. It’s about making sure your expectations are met, that you feel supported along the way and that you have a good time doing it too!

We also take on the task of growing your understanding of the industry, so you can make smarter, more informed choices about your design, branding and marketing strategies.

Helping you better serve your customers

Everything we do starts with understanding your customer’s behavior. These days, the audience you’re trying to reach will be far more sophisticated, with more complex needs and higher expectations. This means careful targeting and smart strategies are the only way to connect with them effectively.

That’s what we do every day – we understand what your consumers need, and deliver. This in turn builds the relationship with your brand and strengthens your market position.

Consumers today have more choices of products and services than ever before, but they seem dissatisfied. Firms invest in greater product variety but are less able to differentiate themselves. Growth and value creation have become the dominant themes for managers”. – Prahalad & Ramaswamy

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Gary Richards

Founder and Creative Director


Andre Tjaberings

Senior Designer


Helen Steemson

Copywriter and Wordsmith

Dave Olsen

Dave Olsen


Fraser Grut

Fraser Grut


Sahil Segal

Web Developer

Together, through creativity, understanding and experience, we will grow your business