It’s all about the customer.

At JAG we focus on two customers. Firstly you, partnering with you to get the best outcomes. But most importantly it’s about your customer, and how they think and feel about your product or service, and making sure we build postive experiences for them.

“Accept that the consumers own the brand; the brand parent company does not.” – Scott D. Cook, Kevin Lane Keller, Author, Strategic Brand Management.

With this in mind, JAG Creative uses the ‘Co-creation of Value’ and ‘Brand Resonance’ methodology to develop brand strategy. It’s what sets JAG Creative apart from other graphic design and marketing agencies. Both methodologies are used to create design, brands and marketing communications that your customers will embrace because they connect with their thoughts and emotions.

In the past, customers were happy to be on the receiving end of marketing efforts. That is how things worked. However the digital world and global markets have changed customer choice and expectations.

Customers who share a demographic may or may not have the same views or desires. The purchase process is different for everyone and more individual than ever before.

JAG Creative uses these principles, together with our decades of experience, expertise and dynamic creativity, to develop a result that gives your business a competitive advantage.

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Together, through creativity, understanding and experience, we will grow your business