The purpose of the brand equity pyramid is to outline the basic building blocks of what the brand should stand for in order to guide the process of building brand equity. It’s the basis for determining key elements of the brand strategy:

  • Brand vision
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand personality
  • Brand measurement

At Jag, we believe in connecting our clients with other businesses through design. Well designed and well branded communications from a business to its customers is a fundamental part of growing your customer base. The other part is believing in what you do. These are the principles delivered by Simon Sinek in his famous presentation about the Golden Circle. Watch the video.

Design for today, for the customer and for a rapidly evolving world.

It’s all about the customer. Not you. Not us. Its about your customer, and how they think and feel about your product or service.

Jag Creative’s job is to partner with you to build a positive experience for your customer – positive thoughts, feelings, perceptions, beliefs, memories…

To accomplish this, Jag Creative uses the ‘Co-creation of Value’ and ‘Brand Resonance’ methodology. It’s what sets Jag Creative apart from other graphic design and marketing agencies. Both methodologies are used to create design, brands and marketing communications that your customers will support because they connect with the thoughts and emotions of your customers.

In the past, customers were happy to be on the receiving end of marketing efforts. However, the Internet and other factors like a more

efficient roading and shipping systems, have shifted the balance of power to the consumer, and the consumer demands to be included and engaged with your brand and your marketing – with your business – and they can no longer be relied on to behave like they used to. Customers who share a demographic may still buy the same stuff, but the purchase process is different for everyone; more individual than ever before.

“Accept that the consumers own the brand; the brand parent company does not.” – Scott D. Cook, Kevin Lane Keller, Author, Strategic Brand Management.

Jag Creative uses these fundamental and scientific business principles, together with our decades of experience, expertise and dynamic creativity, to develop a result that gives your business a competitive advantage, an asset that distinguishes you from the competition

Together, through creativity, understanding and experience, we will grow your business