Digital Marketing is essential if you want to be relevant

The world is not going digital, it is digital… and if you’re in marketing or communications, this is good news because it presents an opportunity to engage your audience with some really powerful marketing innovations.

In the past, most marketing communication was one way via various types of print media like magazines and newsletters, billboards, television and radio (though it could be argued radio was a bit more interactive than most).

Effective digital marketing however combines technology and technical skills, creativity and strategic thinking to develop campaigns that engage your customers and potential customers in ways that are still being dreamed up.

First off though, it’s important to get the basics correct – like making sure your website works on a mobile device.

According to the 2011 US consumer Mobile Movement survey, 71 per cent of smartphone users that see a TV, press or online ad, do a mobile search for more information.

We know those are American statistics, but experience tells us New Zealand won’t be far behind.

Key to digital marketing is that it offers you multiple ways to add value and functionality to your customers that goes beyond pushing ads at them. Your customers will pay attention if what you’re saying or doing is relevant to their lives in some way, shape or form – and digital marketing delivers it in spades.

Now you can provide them with useful information and compelling stories when they come looking for it. You can offer cool app solutions that help them do things better, faster and more efficiently – like tell how good or bad their night’s sleep was, find the nearest bargains or scan a QR code of a product for more information.

The world is your oyster when it comes to digital marketing, but it is key to package your marketing with professional design, compelling photography and engaging stories if you want to ensure cut through, credibility, functionality and engagement.

Talk to the team here at Jag about how we can help you develop marketing that is relevant to your customers.

Together, through creativity, understanding and experience, we will grow your business