Social Media Audit – 4 Step Process

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Before we explain to you what Social Media Audit is and its importance. We would like to highlight some statistics we saw in 2018.

  • 74% of the people in New Zealand use social media actively
  • An average person spends 1 hour 53 minutes per day on social media
  • After Google most, visited website is YouTube followed by Facebook
  • 61% of the people watch online videos every day
  • 9% growth in social media users since Jan 2017


Now that we have established that social media is an important platform, it is time to focus on social media auditing. Social Media Auditing is examining through all your social media profiles and evaluating the current status of your accounts. For a brand, a social media account is as a window to the world. It has to be presented nicely and needs to meet the highest standards. Following is a procedure you can follow for a concise social media audit.


Step 1: Analyse the Social Media Profile

It is important to closely monitor your social media profiles, this where the bulk auditing will take place. In a spreadsheet, analyse metrics – likes, engagement, reach, impressions, shares and referral traffic. Export data from the current year and last year and compare the two. Through this, you will get to know the areas of improvement, and the opportunities available.


Step 2: Identify Top Performing Social Media Posts

This helps you evaluate your social media content strategy. Good and suitable content is the key to success for any platform. This will help you understand what kind of content the audience resonates with and which posts they engage with and share. This will help in providing you the content your customers are looking for. This would provide the brand a clear view of the most engaging posts so that it can be inculcated in the next month’s social media content calendar.


Step 3: Check your Branding

Consistent branding on all social media profiles is imperative. Your followers need to recognize the brand at once on social media, they need to be sure that official accounts are being followed. The image sizes should be optimized according to the platform. The bio should be well written, the URLs in the bio should be updated. This step takes care of all the visuals provided by the brand.


Step 4: Audience Identification

Sometimes people who like the brand, and follow it on social media, are not the target audience. This could result in low engagement, reach, and impressions. The conversion rates are going to be low and there will be no lead generation. In this scenario, you must monitor the content being put out and see how the audience is engaging. Examine all the social media accounts and see if the problem persists across all the platforms. However, it could be a disguised opportunity as well. It might be that a new set of audience is interest in your brand.


Social media auditing can be a rigorous process but is required periodically. At Jag, we provide our clients with a social media audit every quarter. We can do your audit.


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