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It’s no secret that social has been one of the biggest marketing movements of the last decade. And it continues to evolve. Social is all about connecting, so it’s key to understand what your followers consider valuable.

It’s clear social media is no passing trend. What was once considered a young person’s game is now an everyday communication channel. Today, Facebook, NZ’s most popular social network, has more than 1 billion registered users worldwide.

Social media has evolved to become an essential business channel. And customers expect to find their favourite brands on Facebook, YouTube and increasingly newer platforms like Snapchat and WeChat.

Knowing your brand should be on social, and knowing how to effectively be on social are two different things. Jag’s tips for cutting through are:

  1. Get the basics set up right. Use recognisable company imagery and make sure there is detail in About sections. A /brand url is needed for easy navigation
  2. Understand the difference between paid and organic content. Paid content is ike online billboards that you’re exposing to potential audiences. Organic content, that lives on your page, should engage those who already like or follow your brand
  3. For organic content, focus on quality rather than quality. It’s better to post less frequently with relevant content to keep followers hooked

The key to unlocking relevancy is understanding what followers seek from your brand, and how you can add value to their lives. Is this entertainment? Tips and tricks? Exposing them to something new? Or always a winner, providing discounts?  Ideally, it should be a variety of posts that meet criteria for “on brand” themes.

Like all marketing, social marketing is most effective and measurable when it is based on a clear strategy. If you need help setting your social or content strategy, get in touch with Jag.

Together, through creativity, understanding and experience, we will grow your business