Talk to me. Make it personal.

Women with paint all over her face

The Internet is awash with content. Businesses need to make things personal for customers to engage and cut through.

Personalistion or customer-focus are much used terms. Simply this means that you want people to feel your brand is having a personal, one-on-one conversation with them online.

Getting the personal experience right is about showing customers that you know them, without being too creepy!

Some ways you can make the brand experience you offer more more personal are:

  1. Writing brand copy in the tone of a real person. Don’t be a faceless corporate. Work out what tone your brand wants to communicate and make sure every touch point is written in this manner. Use their name if this is appropriate, such as a returning website visitor
  2. Offering advice based on the data you have collected. This could be recommendations on products they might like, suggesting new music or video content. Consider dynamic quick links to get a user to their destination quicker, based on previous usage history. Recommendations should add value or make life easier for people (not scare them with how much you know)
  3. Respecting customer privacy. If you are collecting data, tell them, and tell them how you will use it. Never sell personal data; this is a super fast way to turn people off
  4. Personalised offers or discounts on things you know they’ll love. We all like free things; but we love free things we value
  5. Allowing customers to talk back through comments or socially. Respond in a timely manner and as with the first point, respond like a real person

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