Your Brand’s Recipe Book

Your Brand's Recipie Book

Sasha Strauss explains in his video how to get all the right ingredients for your brand’s ‘recipe book’. Something every business should have.

An important aspect of this video is how Sasha demonstrates how difficult it can be to create a brochure or a website successfully without knowing what the brand entails. What type of words do you use? What do you believe? Your vision and what is going to happen in your plan, your colour palette and which colours are used where, which graphics are for each specific market.

With this information, you can begin creating marketing collateral. There is no longer a cloud of confusion, but a clear list of ingredients and a succinct recipe to follow when creating your brochure, catalogue, website or digital marketing campaign.

When you’ve recognised that your business needs to understand what your brand is made up of, and have decided that you’d like to explore and implement it, call Jag. We create brand recipe books along with all the ingredients. Jag handles the execution and implementation of all your favourite recipes.

For some more extremely useful and helpful information, watch this video of Sasha Strauss. Sasha has a series of videos which cover naming, branding, marketing, advertising, PR etc. Jag is very much in sync with these principles and strategies and follow them on a daily basis – plus, we’re based locally in Titirangi, Auckland.


Together, through creativity, understanding and experience, we will grow your business