Case Studies

Old woman on mobility scooter

Bringing AMW back to life

David Claridge is a successful businessman who recognises potential. That’s why in 2012 he took a chance on a bankrupt company, Mobility Warehouse and turned to Gary Richards at Jag Creative to help him bring it back to life.

Some of the company’s problems were obvious – David says it came with a “rubbish website” and staggeringly inefficient communication with customers.

“People would phone up for a $12 item, and spend 40 minutes on the phone. That’s when I got Jag in.”

David had worked with Gary on previous projects, and knew his skill was just what was needed. The Jag team’s first step was to design and build a new website that included an intranet system. This meant dealers and the general public could order directly from the wholesalers, making the whole business more efficient and more profitable.

Customers loved the efficient ordering system too. Within a few months of launching the new site, it was fielding 1400 clicks a month – and there were better results still to come.

“The old site was getting 290 clicks a month. Now we consistently average 2500 hits a month.”

Nothing but quality

Since David was bankrolling everything himself, he understandably looked for ways to save money, and took the photography for the new site himself. Three months and hundreds of photos later, he realised the quality just wasn’t up to scratch. He spent another three months redoing everything with a photography student.

Gary saw at once that the quality still wasn’t there. That was a hard conversation to have after so many months’ work, but it was honesty that David appreciated. Gary set up a studio and the photography was all done in a week.

“He doesn’t let me make rubbish, and he’s on the button every time. There’s nothing on my site that isn’t professional – photography, copy, layout. ”

Not just web development

David sees Gary as a marketing manager rather than just a web developer and designer, and turns to him for all kinds of advice. Gary understands the business, keeps an eye on David’s progress, and takes on jobs as they come up.

He has helped patent David’s products around the world, and also designed the packaging for them. When the time came for re-branding, David says he chose the colours and left the rest to Gary – who came back with designs that he loved.

“A lot of people have commented – I have the best quality website in the trade. My brochures are stunning. Artwork on buildings, trailers, cars, shirts – he did a perfect job. ”

A new mobile-optimised website is now in development. Because Gary stays up-to-date with the latest trends and technology, this new site will cost David far less than the last.

Listening is the key

David has worked with many companies and individuals, and has never found anyone as good as Gary and the Jag team. Why? Because he takes the time to listen.

At one point David contracted a film maker who was brilliant at what he did, but didn’t listen to what was wanted. He took the money, but produced a film that David simply couldn’t use. That sort of thing just wouldn’t happen with Gary, he says.

“I struggle with the quality of work from other providers. With Gary, if something’s not working, we stop it. Gary sits back, looks at what I want and makes the best of it. I back the man, and promote him a lot.”

Benefits to Mobility Warehouse so far:

  • Ten times the web traffic in one year
  • Helped rejuvenate a dying company
  • Built an intranet that allowed faster, easier ordering
  • Rebranded the company across all media
  • Straight talking honesty for quality in everything
  • Promoted professional quality in all marketing

Together, through creativity, understanding and experience, we will grow your business