Say No to Yes Men when choosing a Marketer

When searching for a marketer who truly cares about your product – as much as you do – don’t look for a nodding head. Instead, seek out someone who will challenge you, ask all the right questions – in short, someone not afraid to ask the difficult questions with your best interests at heart.

Why you don’t want a Yes Man on your team

A Yes Man (or woman) may agree with your ideas, take your money and tell you what you want to hear. That might make for more enjoyable meetings, but is it really doing your business the service it deserves?

If a marketer truly cares about your business, they’ll be honest with you and question when an option isn’t in your best interest or if there’s a better way of achieving your business goals. They’ll challenge your perceptions and offer tangible tactics, which are backed up with solid examples and results.

Listen to the professionals

Good marketers, like any professional, have the expertise and knowledge to help your business achieve its goals, but you need to listen to their advice, even if it challenges you.

Let’s put it this way: you wouldn’t go to a plumber with a problem, then tell him how he should fix it. Instead, you’d let the plumber investigate; discuss his professional opinion with you, action the best solution and get the results you want.

A good marketer will care about your business and will want to help you achieve your goals. That means he or she will take the time to search out the best solution and not be afraid to give solid, factually-accurate and demonstrable results.

How to spot your ideal marketing partner

Who is the ideal partner to entrust your marketing needs to? If a marketer truly wants to invest their time and effort into your business and help achieve its goals, they’ll:

  • Understand your business and your customers by really listening and asking the right questions.
    To create an innovative, relevant and authentic marketing strategy, marketers need to really understand their client’s business objectives. By asking the right questions, listening, analysing the data and studying the results, they’ll learn what drives you and your customers and, in turn, create innovative ways to promote the business.
  • Build a relationship based on mutual trust, and not be worried about disagreeing with you at times
    Your marketer must not be afraid of questioning your perceptions and putting forward innovative ideas that, in turn, challenge you. They’ll have the fortitude to steer you on the right course for the business, and back this up by offering examples and showing measurable plans.
  • Align your marketing strategies with your business’s strategic goals, with measurable outcomes
    A marketing plan should align with your strategic business plan. It’s always good when a marketer is involved from the get-go of any project, as it ensures a greater understanding and helps form a link between the marketing strategy and business goals. They’ll also bring fresh ideas and new ways of thinking to the table. Like other business goals, your marketing goals should have short and long-term measurements in place to deliver tangible results.
  • Be upfront and accountable on all aspects, from budgets to outcomes
    To ensure trust and accountability, a marketer mustn’t shy away from those sticky conversations around budgets and outcomes. They need to have upfront, honest conversations with you about costs, any limitations they foresee and what outcomes you can realistically expect.

Say No to Yes Men

A good marketer, with your best interests at heart, is not going to quickly agree with you. Instead they’ll listen, question you if they don’t think a tactic will work, ask questions and offer innovative solutions.
It only takes a second to nod along, but much more time and effort to listen, research, ponder and develop effective tactics aligned with business goals.

When you’re working with a marketer who challenges you, you’ll know that they’re looking out for you, that they care about your results and, most importantly, that they’re always thinking of ways to improve your outcomes.

Rather than being a Yes Man, a marketer should care enough to know your business inside and out and put forward measurable activities aligned with your business goals. Doesn’t your bottom line deserve a marketer who challenges you?

Together, through creativity, understanding and experience, we will grow your business