Gumption Games

Gumption began with a concept of a board game for students studying business and economics and was roughly mocked up by a teacher with felt tip pens. Having proved the game was popular and worked, Mark approached Jag to take the game to the next level and to have it professionally designed. Part of Jag’s strategy was to have famous New Zealand companies as the featured businesses in the game.

Gumption is a highly interactive and enterprising board game that sees students thoroughly enjoying themselves as they learn. It is a great fit with the NZ curriculum and is an activity that students and teachers will love.

Now onto the third edition of the game, Gumption is becoming well known and will soon be available on international retail sites such as Amazon.

As with most clients, Jag Creative was also instrumental in the development of the whole Gumption offering, including:

  • Brand concept and development
  • Packaging design
  • 3D Design
  • Brochure design
  • Print and production offshore

gumption-brand-identity-and-packaging2 gumption-3d-design-and-packaging gumption-brand-identity-and-packaging1 gumption-brand-identity-and-packaging3 gumption-brand-identity-and-packaging4

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