Stealth Electric Bikes

Stealth Electric Bikes is new to New Zealand, but it is taking off really quickly. An exhilarating ride whether you’re a mountain biker or a motorcyclist, these bikes are the most powerful electric bikes in the world and clock 80km/h with a range of 60km.

Jag has designed a range of marketing material including digital publication, brochures, advertisements, trade show POS including banners, tents, flags, shirts and more. We also designed the graphics for their eye catching trailer which transport these magnificent bikes.

New material is being developed and we’ll be sure to keep the gallery updated.

stealth_brochure-design_1 stealth_brochure-design_2 stealth_brochure-design_3 stealth_business-card-design stealth_digital-publishing stealth_bike-transporter stealth_promotional-material-design

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