Bradford Publishing

I have dealt with Jag on a personal level on behalf Bradford Publishing Ltd, of which I am chairman and publishing editor, for eleven years. Throughout that period I have enjoyed the utmost satisfaction.

My brief to Jag Creative was that I wanted production quality of a kind that would not only satisfy the local market but give the wider thoroughbred industry the confidence to use the publication to successfully promote the New Zealand thoroughbred globally.

Jag Creative has met every criteria. Quality has been of world standard, deadlines have been scrupulously adhered to, inter-action with myself welcomed and communication faultless.

Most pleasing for myself has been the willingness to go the extra yard, arranging cost effective overseas printing and managing those schedules and quality checks on my behalf. I am not overstating my satisfaction when I say my association with Jag Creative has been one of my most rewarding commercial experiences.

Should you have queries of any nature, please contact me.

Together, through creativity, understanding and experience, we will grow your business