Logos and Branding

Developing brands that resonate

Brands that resonate don’t just sell products – they connect with the hearts, minds of customers, and create desirable actions. This is what we aim to deliver for every client. We have experience building strong consumer brands and developing corporate identities in both B2C or B2B situations.

When a customer transacts with your business, this is based on more than simply logic. Most customer actions are based on emotion and a strong logo or brand can powerfully communicate value. Value creates desire and desire leads to sales.

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The benefits to your business include

Greater customer engagement

Strong allegiance to your brand

Deep awareness of your business

Marketplace differentiation

To give you a brand that resonates with your customers, JAG Creative takes you through four key brand development stages

  • Salience – who you are and how you satisfy your customers’ needs
  • Performance and imagery – establishing your points of difference in the market, understanding your customers, products, price and design
  • Judgements and feelings – establishing how people feel about your brand, your level of credibility, and instilling positive reactions
  • Resonance – developing a customised, coherent strategy to capture the hearts and minds of your customers

We’re brand development experts with vast experience connecting businesses with their audience.

A corporate identity that gets to the heart of your brand

If you want customers to identify and associate with your brand, you need a strong, cohesive corporate identity. A successful brand identity does more than present the appearance of consistency to your customers; it needs to connect with them on a deeper level.

Your corporate identity from JAG Creative will

INCLUDE and reflect your customer base – who they are and what they’d like to be associated with

DELIVER a full set of emotional and rational benefits, and the promise of performance

INTEGRATE with the objectives of your brand marketing communications

REMAIN relevant as your company grows

A good identity knits everything together, even if your organisation has multiple brands. It should generate the emotional associations most desired by your target markets, while staying true to who you are as a business.

To achieve this, your corporate identity development will include graphic design, print management and digital production, for the brand elements your business needs.

This could include:

  • Marketing collateral including brochures, letterhead and business cards
  • Building and vehicle signage
  • Stationery, presentation folders and templates
  • Digital presentations including video and branded media
  • Brand guideline documents
  • Brand management

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Together, through creativity, understanding and experience, we will grow your business