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Marketing strategies that make you stand out

Marketing strategies used to be about building awareness. But awareness is no longer enough. Awareness of your product or service may simply drive your customer search online, where they are exposed to multiple offers, brands and inducements from a global marketplace. Marketing strategy has moved beyond the realm of product, price, place and promotion, and into one of:

  • Creating a difference that it can preserve
  • Delivering greater value
  • Or comparable quality at a lower cost

Excellent marketing strategy

A good example of this would be to compare JetStar to Air New Zealand. A low cost airline, JetStar, does not offer snacks for free; Air New Zealand does. This is an example of how one activity distinguishes two competitors, in turn affecting price, perception, image and brand.

Creating a strong marketing strategy

We work with you to create a powerful, effective marketing strategy for your business. We’ll:

  • Use an experienced, expert lens to look at your business. This will help you identify what’s different about your products or services, and how you deliver them
  • Find out what your competitors are doing, and the similarities and differences between you
  • Look at your customers’ real needs, and search for opportunities to develop customer groups that have been poorly served or ignored in the past.

With this in-depth understanding of your business, we’ll work with you to create a marketing strategy that includes:

  • Unique brand positioning for your company based on customer needs, accessibility, or product offerings
  • A mix of activities that will create and enhance your brand value
  • Your points of similarity and difference with your competition
  • A fresh, sustainable approach to communicating your brand’s value – using multiple small components rather than larger, more expensive strategies

The landscape of marketing strategy is constantly changing, which is why it’s important to revisit what your business is doing on a regular basis.

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Content marketing: creativity that connects

Content marketing helps you speak to your customers directly. Used alongside traditional media, it can add value to your brand by interacting with customers on a personal level. It’s about creating and distributing valuable, relevant content with the goal of pushing customers to action.

In other words, content marketing seeks to build rapport, credibility and reputation for your business by adding value through content. Content marketing isn’t about doing a one-off promotion, it works best when integrated into your overall marketing strategy. It’s about owning media, not renting it.

Excellent content marketing – an example

One great example is the Conflict Kitchen, a take-away restaurant that only serves food from countries that the United States is in conflict with. The restaurant had an Iranian theme for several months, with Iranian food, décor, and even information for customers to read. They’re now focusing on Cuban food. This unique strategy helps them stand out and has gained them countless mentions, links and articles online – which all adds up to valuable brand awareness.

High-value, shareable content

We create high-value content that’s good enough to be read and distributed by high-ranked third party websites. The connection with these websites helps increase awareness and credibility for your business.

But content marketing shouldn’t just involve written content. It’s about creating a compelling brand story around your product with a strategy to engage specific buyer segments. This means using all media, such as video, apps, games, blogs on social media, directory sites, the app store, Youtube – whatever will connect with your audience. If it doesn’t do that, it’s not really content marketing.

Developing a content marketing strategy

We’ll work with your business to develop a content marketing strategy to increase your exposure and bring traffic to your website. The goal is to build engagement from interested prospects and increase not just the volume, but the quality of people visiting your website.

Connect with your customers on a new level with content marketing.

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