Packaging Design

Packaging design that pops

In a world overflowing with product choices, packaging design is increasingly important. Packaging doesn’t just say something about a specific product; it sends a message about your brand identity and the value a consumer will experience in buying this product.

Good design will help consumers recognise and choose your brand by communicating your brand values. These can include the obvious – like price, safety or quality – and less tangible values, for example natural, hand-made or family friendly. It’s about connecting with your customers on an emotional level, so they’re driven to choose your product.

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The packaging design process

Packaging can mean the difference between a customer choosing your product, and skipping right past it. So it’s essential to get it right.

Designing packaging is an intensive process that involves a lot of decisions. From the practical – choosing packaging type and materials – to the visual – choosing fonts, colours and imagery to print on the packaging. Every aspect of your product packaging sends a message to consumers, so it’s important to make the right decision at every stage of the process.

That’s where JAG Creative comes in. During the consultation process, we work to understand the business and find out what you want to communicate to your customers. We’ll guide you through the process to design packaging that fits with your brand. We work with you to choose materials, colours, imagery and layouts that fit with all your product offerings. We make sure to future-proof your packaging design, so any new products can slot into the existing range.

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