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Social media is a powerful method of promoting and marketing your business. It has become increasingly popular as you may be aware. Jag are experts in Social Media strategy and management. Most of our clients want to be on Social Media, but either have no idea how it all works, or simply don’t have the time and resources to implement an effective campaign.

Jag understand that creating an engaging, value-adding experience on social media isn’t easy. This is where we come in by creating a workable Social Media strategy that is bespoke for your business, which will effectively generate engagement, increase social following and execute sales. A good social media strategy will reach a broader, targeted audience in a cost effective way.

Here’s what the strategy will include

Social Media Strategy

  • The strategic objective and statement
  • Mini competitor analysis in the social space
  • Analysis of current online activity, engagement, presence and account settings
  • Target audience identification
  • Outline of channel objectives and message
  • Tactic, content ideas and activities to implement
  • Recommended crisis management practices and content standards
  • Digital media and social policy recommendations
  • How to best track and optimise results
  • Digital recommendations, that would support the social media strategy
  • Social media weekly planner

Once we have created the strategy, then we’ll begin creating content aligned with the outcomes of the strategy. We create this content while maintaining the consistent application of the existing brand. The number of posts will vary depending on strategy outcomes and budget. Below is a typical scenario for a Facebook campaign.

Facebook Monthly Management

  • Management of Facebook
  • Content creation
  • Social posts on Facebook
  • Monitoring of engagement & commentary
  • Integrate new features when available
  • Up to 4 booted posts
  • One ‘Promote Page’ advertisement
  • Recommendations on page development
  • Monthly insights report

We can also create remarketing campaigns on Social media. This means that once someone has visited your website, your advert will keep re-appearing when people are viewing their social media feed. Below is an example of what is involved in a Facebook remarketing campaign.

Re-marketing (Facebook with Facebook)

  • Two ad campaigns
  • Ad content creation & design
  • Target market identification
  • Regular updates on campaign progress
  • Monitoring & optimising of adverts
  • Full campaign report

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Together, through creativity, understanding and experience, we will grow your business